Stride Engineering Inc. is an EPCM that is very strong in Project Management, Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Piping Design and Pipeline Engineering.

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At Stride Engineering, we pride ourselves on our combination of operations and engineering work history. Each of Stride's trusted employees and contractors has a wealth of industrial experience, and we bring that accumulation of knowledge to every one of our clients' challenging opportunities. Our core team has a diverse range of experience which spans from upstream oil and gas to petrochemical facilities in Western Canada, as well as in Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Stride Engineering is an EPCM company based in Calgary, Canada. ​​Stride is committed to delivering exceptional value in engineering design and project execution in brownfield projects and in building small capital upstream greenfield facilities.


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We are committed to exceeding the industry standards in all aspects of our designs and in-company operations. We believe a small EPCM firm can deliver higher quality efficient project execution from the FEED phase development through to construction support, commissioning and start-up over large EPCM firms. We are strong in finalizing the FEED phase of a project before moving to detailed design such that with a good baseline established, engineering cost to the client is reduced.


We deliver value in brownfield projects by virtue of the substantial operations experience of our focused and cross-disciplined teams. Specifically in sustaining capital, MOC, facility optimization and debottleneck projects within operating facilities. Our people work closely with the facility engineering and operations staff to come up with the best options for efficient execution and support the projects to successful completion of the project.

In greenfield projects, our operations experience is incorporated in all aspects of design to minimize the lifecycle costs of the facility. This transcends from developing the best suited options in the FEED phase of the project, to designing facilities that are well laid out, energy efficient, easy to operate, and simple to maintain. We follow a strict regimen in project execution to deliver on project cost and schedule, actively reporting along the way. Our project execution process is designed to incorporate safety and operability through the various stages of the engineering design. We deliver comprehensive engineering documentation in formats that support future optimizations. 

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