Heavy Oil

Our key personnel have been a part of various SAGD projects and operations. Providing sustaining capital and optimization support to projects and operations ranging from small 12k bpd to large over 100k bpd facilities. For thermal heavy oil, our suite of services focuses on sustaining capital projects which we can deliver with exceptional value. 

Thermal Recovery


-Well pads

-Above ground high pressure steam and emulsion transfer pipelines

-Central Processing Facility

  • Diluent addition
  • Diluent recovery
  • Oil/water separation: Free water knock out, Oil treating, Skim tanks, Slop tanks

-Water Treatment

  • De-oiling - Induced Gas Flotation (IGF), Oil Removal Filtration(ORF)
  • Warm / Hot Lime Softening (WLS/HLS)
  • Weak Acid Cation Exchange (WAC)
  • Evaporators
  • Source Water Treating (Reverse Osmosis, Mixed Bed Polishing)

-Steam Generation

  • Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG)
  • Drum Boilers 

-Power Generation

  • Cogeneration (HRSG, drum type, and OTSG)
  • Gas turbine selection and integration
  • Fuel Systems

-Layup. SAGD. Central Treating Facility