Natural Gas


  • Pipelines to the gas processing facilities
  • Compressor stations
  • Sales gas transportation pipelines

gathering system:

  • Gas gathering systems
  • Test and group separators, multi well pad satellites
  • Field facilities (compression and de-hydration) 

Key personnel at Stride have lead the design and installation of various sour gas plants and pipelines in Western Canada. This includes gathering systems, gas processing facilities, sales gas pipelines tying into trunk lines and acid gas injection pipelines. Our team has the experience and in-house systems and tools to execute the sour gas processing plants projects efficiently.

Our experienced team has also executed various facility modification projects and lead ongoing sustaining capital and MOC programs at sour gas facilities. This ranges from smaller gas plants to some of the major sour gas processing plants in Western Canada. Our combination of operations and engineering design experience brings exceptional value to the clients. 

The following lists our range of capabilities in natural gas processing:

gas processing plants:

  • Inlet gas and liquids separation
  • Sweet and sour compression
  • Dehydration
  • Dew point control (refrigeration unit, JT refrigeration)
  • Condensate stabilization
  • Gas sweetening to remove H2S, CO2, COS and Mercaptans:
    • Amines: DEA, MDEA, MEA
    • Solvents: Sulfinol, Selexol,  etc
  • Acid Gas compression, transportation (via pipeline) and injection
  • Deep cut facilities for recovery of NGLs
  • NGL handling and storage